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Research Week exhibition

One of the visitors acquiring skills from the exhibitor during the 4th Udsm Research week exhibition.

Student's Research

Exhibition of Students Researches done by CoAF Students during the 4th Udsm Research Week.

4th Research Week

Certificates given to the DASFT staff for research participation during University of Dar es Salaam's 4th Research Week.

Head of Department

Dr. B. R. Lugendo, BSc, MSc (Dar), PhD (Redboud)


Department of Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Technology

DASFT is one of the six teaching departments in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Fisheries Technology (CoAF) and comprises of 20 academic staff who are Ph.D. holders , 12 technical staff and other administrative staff. The breadth and scope of DASFT encompasses programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching ,non-degree programmes, research and public services in basic and applied aquatic sciences.

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4th Research Week Exhibition

Udsm student visits 4th University of Dar es Salaam\'s Research Week exhibitions.

4th Research Exhibition

Research Exhibition done by DASFT Student during the 4th Udsm Research Week.

Research Week at College Level

DASFT exhibitions done by both staff and students during the College Level Research Week held at CoAF premises.

College Level Research Week

Research explanations given to the visitors during the College Level Research Week held at CoAF premises.


Publications in Refereed Journals , Books and Chapters in Books

Most recent published Journals , Books and Chapters in Books


Minu A., Routh J., Dario M., Bilosnic M., Kalen R., Klump Val J. and Machiwa J.F. 2018. Temporal and spatial distribution of trace metals in the Rufiji Delta mangrove, Tanzania. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 190: 336 - 354


Cai-Zhi Liu, Samwel Mchele Limbu, Li-Qiao Chen and Zhen-Yu Du (2018). IGF-1 induces SOCS-2 but not SOCS-1 and SOCS-3 transcription in juvenile Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticis). Accepted, Journal of Experimental Biology.


Masikini, R, Kaaya, LT and Chicharo, L (2018). Evaluation of ecohydrological variables in relation to spatial and temporal variability of macroinvertebrates in Zigi River. Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology, Elsevier.

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On-going Researches at Department

Artificial breeding of catfish-All stages from broodstock striping of eggs, incubation of eggs and hatching, fry, fingerlings to grow out ponds.

Losing cichlid fish biodiversity (Hybridization between native and introduced cichlid fishes)

Feed formulation-suitable for catfish fingerlings using locally available materials. This involves production of house flies maggots for catfish feed using two methods; first using fish remnants and secondly using maize brans mixed with chicken eggs

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