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Head of Department

Dr. A. Hepelwa, BA (Statistic) (Dar), MA (Econ. of Policy Mgt.) (Makerere), PhD (VUB)

Department of Agricultural Economics and Business

DAEB is one of the departments in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Fisheries Technology (CoAF) of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM). It aims to provide students with solid background knowledge in the major areas of the Economics and Business of agriculture and natural resources disciplines. The department prepares students wishing to continue with further studies and who wish to develop a professional career in the fields of Agricultural Economics, Natural Resources Economics and the corresponding Business Studies.

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Most recent published Journals , Books and Chapters in Books


Kidane, A., A.S. Hepelwa, K. Mdadila, E. Ngeh and T. Hu (2017), The demand for cigarette in Tanzania: A temporal approach. Applied Econometrics, 2017, vol. 45, 136-143.


Ponte, S., Noe, C., Kweka, O., Mshale, B., Sulle, E., Brockington, D., Kalumanga, E., Minja, R.A., Budeanu, A., Mwamfupe, A., Henriksen, L.F., Olwig, M.F., Silvano, P., Namkesa, F., John, R., Katikiro, R., Mabele, M.B., 2017. New Partnerships for Sustainability (NEPSUS): Concepts, research design and methodologies. NEPSUS Working Paper No 2017/1 [].


Macusi, E.D., Katikiro, R.E., Babaran, R.P., 2017. The influence of economic factors in the change of fishing strategies of anchored FAD fishers in the face of declining catch, General Santos City, Philippines. Marine Policy 78, 98-106.

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