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The College of Agricultural Sciences and Fisheries Technology (CoAF)

is a newly established college at the University that strives for Enhanced quality outputs in teaching, research and public services through addressing the following gaps: Inadequate value addition in agricultural and fisheries produce...

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The College has well designed teaching and studying methodologies which brings together students so as to have critical eye on the real world problems.

Undergraduate Education.

CoAF provide the best atmosphere for learning that provide a broad and deep subject-area expertise for the students.

Graduate Education

Provide opportunities to participate in the advancement of entire fields of knowledge

Other Programmes

College Offers two-year course leading to a Fisheries Diploma , and other short courses

The College has six Departments, and offers the following Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programmes:


Publications in Refereed Journals , Books and Chapters in Books

3 recent published Journals , Books and Chapters in Books


Minu A., Routh J., Dario M., Bilosnic M., Kalen R., Klump Val J. and Machiwa J.F. 2018. Temporal and spatial distribution of trace metals in the Rufiji Delta mangrove, Tanzania. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 190: 336 - 354


Ntaturo E. and D. Kisanga (Forthcoming). Vegetable production status in western Usambara Mountains, Lushoto District, Tanzania. The Journal of Social Sciences (JSS). (Successfully submitted after incorporation of modest reviewers comments-April 2018)


Cai-Zhi Liu, Samwel Mchele Limbu, Li-Qiao Chen and Zhen-Yu Du (2018). IGF-1 induces SOCS-2 but not SOCS-1 and SOCS-3 transcription in juvenile Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticis). Accepted, Journal of Experimental Biology.

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Advancing Research and Innovation for Sustainable Utilization of National Resources

Functional Foods

Exhibition of functional foods research during the College Level Research week held at CoAF premises

Student's Research

CoAF Student giving explanations to the visitors during the College Level Research week held at CoAF premises

Research at College Level

Research exhibition during the College Level Research week held at CoAF premises.

Rural Agricultural Vehicle

Rural Agricultural Vehicle Research exhibited during the College Level Research Week held at CoAF premises.


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